Environmental Health Department


The vision of the Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit of Upper Manya Krobo District Assembly is to ensure a clean, safe and healthy environment in all human settlement in the district.


The Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit exist to deliver good sanitation services, to improve the quality and living standard of the people through hygiene education and enforcement of sanitation bye-laws and regulations.


  1. To disseminate appropriate policies on waste management to accelerate effective implementation.
  2. To improve upon human resources and institutional capacities on all levels of Environmental Health.
  3. To improve upon good sanitation practices among the populace in the area of personal and environmental hygiene, water, food, and meat hygiene.
  4. To strengthen inter-sectoral collaboration.


  1. Collection and sanitary disposal of waste, including solid, liquid, hospital and other hazardous wastes.
  2. Storm water drainage.
  3. Cleaning of thoroughfares, markets, and other public places.
  4. Control of pests and other vectors of diseases.
  5. Food hygiene.
  6. Meat hygiene (slaughter house duties)
  7. Environmental Sanitation and Education.
  8. Inspection and enforcement of sanitation regulations.
  9. Disposal of the dead.
  10. Control of stray animals.
  11. Monitoring and observance of environmental standards.
  12. Climate change mitigation and education.