Fifty female farmers in the Upper Manya Krobo District have taken delivery of 500 free cockerels.

The initiative is to help improve their poultry production and have improved livelihoods.

The gesture is part of the Modernising Agriculture in Ghana (MAG) Programme, a five-year budgetary support from the Canadian government to Ghana for the enhancement of agriculture in the country.

The women who have taken distribution of the cockerels are to ensure they mature before they can cross them with their local hens to improve the local breeds.

The offspring is expected to grow bigger than their local breeds, make better sales and improve incomes in support to their main crop farming activities.

The criteria for the selection and distribution was for women farmers who were already in the poultry production business, constructed poultry coops as directed by the Agric Department and owned local breeds of over 20 and above.

The Upper Manya District Agriculture Director, Hilary Alagbo, who led the distribution of the cockerels, said women empowerment helped improve socio-economic development of rural communities.

He assured veterinary officers will follow up on the cockerels to ensure the women are engaged in good husbandry practice.

”The distribution is part of our work plan for the year 2021. Our veterinary officers would visit them, vaccinate the cockerels, feed them well and give them water in order that the breeds grow bigger for better sales in the market of the women.”

A beneficiary, Regina Padi, thanked the Agric Department for the support and said the gesture would go a long way to improve their economic lives.

“I am excited to have received the free cockerels, one stream of income does not help. I encourage more women to engage in other lucrative businesses to support their families.”

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