Upper Manya Krobo District is one of the thirty-one districts in the Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana. It was carved out of the then Manya Krobo District in February, 2008 by Legislative Instrument 1842 in pursuance of the Government’s Decentralization policy with its capital as Asesewa, a historic trading post, attracting a mix of cultures from all over the country. The district capital, Asesewa is about 45km drive from Koforidua, the regional capital of Eastern Region.

Physical and Natural Environment

Location and Size

The Upper Manya Krobo District (UMKD) is located at the North-Eastern corner of the Eastern Region of Ghana and lies between latitudes -6.2-6.50 N and Longitudes -0.3 – 0.00 W of the Greenwich Meridian and Altitude of 457.5m.

The district shares common boundaries with the following districts; to the North, Afram Plains, to the South East, Lower Manya Krobo, to South West, Yilo Krobo District, to the East Asuogyaman District and to the West Fanteakwa District. It covers an area of 885 square kilometers constituting 4.6 percent of the total land area of the Eastern Region of Ghana (19,323km2).